Creating Instagram Content for your Dispensary

Creating Instagram Content for your Dispensary

Creating Instagram Content for your Dispensary

Instagram is not only an app filled with visual stories, it has become a valuable social media marketing tool for business.  Over 5 million businesses worldwide use Instagram for business, and with 400 million folks using this app every day, it’s an avenue that should be taken advantage of.

Reasons to use Instagram for business:

  • 80% of people who use Instagram follow a business on the app. This is your brand’s opportunity to be seen by the millions of people who use Instagram every month.
  • Create interest about your brand and your products. Visual posts give fans an interesting way to learn about you and what you are all about.  Short, sweet, and stunning is what Instagram is all about!
  • Build awareness about your mission. Especially in the cannabis industry, education is paramount.  People are yearning to learn about the industry, your values, and why they should do business with you.
  • Create H2H interaction. Human 2 Human (H2H) interaction is simplified on Instagram with the use of Stories and short videos.  You can foster a real connection with your fans by offering a sneak peek into your world or sharing something personal about yourself.
  • Get customers. Using paid ads on Instagram enables you to reach more potential customers, and having a specific call to action on your ad (buy, visit, download) converts at a higher percentage than organic posts.
  • Instagram offers support for businesses. Yes, you have to do a little bit of digging, and a little bit of reading if you’re managing your social media presence in-house.  But Instagram consistently provides up-to-date announcements, enhancements, and best practices to help you succeed.
  • Companies of any size can use Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, just starting out or you’ve been in business for years.  Content is the only thing that matters when it comes to gaining a loyal following.

So how do I create great content for Instagram?

If the idea of creating stunning images at regular intervals makes you cringe, there a few really great apps out there that are terrific for creating Instagram content that converts (by conversions, I’m talking about likes, new followers, comments, and sales).

Canva is my absolute all-time most-favorite app for creating custom content.  You can access it on your desktop or mobile, and most of the content is absolutely free.  If you see a download that you just can’t live without, they only cost $1/each.  Every template if formatted for you, so you never have to guess about what pixel size an image for Instagram should be as opposed to an image for Twitter (yep, there’s a difference).

Adobe Spark is an app that you can download from the app store or access from your desktop.  You can create beautiful images and short videos using their free templates, which include customizable graphics and text.

Brandr allows you to upload your transparent logo and impress it onto your graphics.  So whether you have an original photo of your shop, or have created a motivational post, you can brand your image, effortlessly.

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