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Who are we? Simple. We are CMI and we are your new best friend.

We get it – advertising your cannabis business today is like trying to learn astrophysics. Whether you are a dispensary trying to advertise and get the word out or marketing the best LED grow lights for hydroponics, that’s where we come in. Our team at CMI is ready to take your advertising to the next level. We pride ourselves on our expertise, creativity, and keeping a finger on the pulse.

We plan like statisticians, think like psychologists, research like historians, create like artists, and execute like ninjas. We make it our priority to be knowledgeable of all media platforms (traditional and digital) while implementing proven marketing strategies and producing the results your company is targeting. We even specialize in dispensary website design. So what are you waiting for?

We help dispensaries and cannabis companies market their product while growing their brand. We accomplish this by implementing the most efficient and effective marketing strategies in the industry. Our team has extensive experience in all marketing platforms, and pride ourselves on staying on top of changing cannabis legislature and trends to help you meet your marketing objectives.

Dispensary and Cannabis Brand Marketing


We are a cannabis marketing agency designed for dispensaries, cannabis brands and more!

Our range of cannabis marketing services gives you an opportunity to reach your target audience across multiple platforms. Employing a planned and streamlined marketing strategy with the help of our expert advice will give you the exposure your business needs and increase the growth of patrons and sales.

As a newer industry in the United States we work with dispensaries, farms, product manufacturers, grow light companies and pretty much any industry related to cannabis marketing and branding. It is our goal to create a cohesive and well recognized brand that turns our clients into leaders in the cannabis industry.

We believe in getting your company a strong ROI through effective marketing and advertising. With our full service one-stop-shop you will have the power to become the number one brand in your market.

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has created a curiosity with individuals who are unfamiliar with cannabis use. If you are a business owner of a cannabis dispensary or considering opening up a shop that sells marijuana, you have many opportunities to brand yourself with these new consumers and create brand loyalty with other people who already may be familiar with marijuana.

Content truly is king and gives you a chance to reach your audience through services ranging from digital advertising, website design, SEO, videography, print advertising and radio advertising. By employing a planned marketing strategy with the help of expert advice, you can market your dispensary and increase the growth of patrons and sales.

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Cannabis Cares™ Food Drive

Cannabis Cares™ Food Drive

The holidays are nearly here, and while Green Wednesday, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years may provide a boost in cannabis sales, this is also the perfect time of year to think about how your cannabis business can give back.  With a negative stigma still surrounding cannabis, especially in conservative cities like Colorado Springs, it…

Listen to our Potcast!

Listen to our Potcast!

Cannabis Marketing, Inc. is proud to announce our Podcast! CMI’s “Potcast” is a fun and informative podcast for anyone in the cannabis space.  If you are interested in learning more about marketing your cannabis business, as well as updates in the industry, best practices, and just hanging out with a few of the coolest chicks…

Full-Circle Marketing

Full-Circle Marketing

We hear it all the time: I don’t have budget to do what I should do for marketing.  Or: How can I be guaranteed that marketing will work for me?  Or: My budtenders handle my marketing.  At Cannabis Marketing, Inc., we get it!  As business owners, every single dollar that you put into the business…

Why Social Media is Important for Your Cannabis Brand

Why Social Media is Important for Your Cannabis Brand

You hear it all the time: you need to be on social media in order to reach your customers and fans.  But the fact is that social media can be incredibly time-consuming and confusing with the constant algorithm changes.  At the same time, your cannabis business could either be blacklisted, banned from advertising, or shadow…

Catch ‘Em All – How to reach your competitors’ customers

Catch ‘Em All – How to reach your competitors’ customers

There always seems to be some new and exciting marketing tactic that promises to gain you massive returns.  As a cannabis product or storefront, you are probably contacted several times a week or even each day with marketing proposals from various agencies that are promising the world. Here at Cannabis Marketing, Inc., we know what…

The Power of Radio

The Power of Radio

As you are starting or growing your cannabis business, marketing can quickly become one of your highest expenditures. With so many different and new marketing products out there today, it is hard to know what will create return for your investment, and what will be a waste of your hard-earned dollars.  It is imperative that…

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