The Benefits of Videography and 360 Weed Photography for Marketing Cannabis Businesses

If you’re looking for ways to rapidly expand and promote your cannabis dispensary, you should definitely consider incorporating videography and 360 weed  photography into your cannabis marketing.


Legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana has opened up a new consumer base of individuals who are hungry for all types of information regarding the use of cannabis.

Videography is one of the fastest ways to:

  • gain exposure
  • introduce your information to the public
  • elevate your business to a higher notch than the competition
  • and cannabis 360 photography offers your marketplace a way to become familiar with your brand during market hours or even when you’re closed for the day.

Marijuana Videography Touches the Senses

The perceived value of videography is higher than showing a consumer just text or images. When they see you advertising marijuana in this way, it taps into their audio and visual senses. That benefit allows you to elicit stronger emotions and formulate a message that resonates deeper. Videography also increases the time that a person will spend on your website. It immediately grabs attention and is one of the best ways to explain about your product, introduce your services and expand the message of your brand.

Medical Marijuana TV Ads

Just a few years ago, TV advertising that discussed marijuana was run just by the state. You probably thought that you would never see marijuana TV advertising for individual stores or products but that is slowly changing. According to the permanent rules related to the Colorado retail marijuana code, Cannabis TV advertising can be utilized as long as a retail marijuana establishment shows evidence that the viewing audience under the age of 21 consists of no more than 30 percent of viewers.

Cannabis Marketing is evolving constantly

With this ability, you have a way to market to a huge audience and one that is targeted. By utilizing demographics and pinpointing specific shows with ad spots, you can relay your message to a group of customers that you want.

Satisfying and Sophisticated

Television has much more sophistication attributed to it than any other form of advertising. By running medical marijuana TV ads, it conveys confidence in a consumer and shows that you can satisfy their needs. With videography, words and pictures become exciting and offer much more entertainment than a newspaper ad, images or text. Done correctly and executed with the help of a cannabis digital marketing team, cannabis TV advertising can rapidly increase positive exposure for your store.

Cannabis 360 photography Benefits

While having high-resolution images is a must for your cannabis dispensary website, including 360 photography is a way to set your business apart and immediately capture the attention of your visitors.

People also love weed photographs!

This type of photography allows a consumer to view a larger area, and it almost places them in the environment of the image. Consider it to be like a virtual showroom where you could display the inside of your business. A potential consumer would be able to become familiar with your shop before coming to make a purchase. With most consumers now using mobile devices, they have the ability to become fully immersed and interactive with your business. The use of 360 technology with cannabis photography looks fabulous on a smartphone or tablet.

Convey Quality

It’s a fact that customers look for high-quality when they shop. By using 360 marijuana photography, you have the ability to immediately impress them with images that are a cut above the competition. This increases confidence of the buyer, and they are more likely to choose your recreational or medicinal cannabis dispensary over other shops when they have a higher level of confidence in your presentation. Cost Effectiveness Both marijuana videography and high-quality 360 cannabis photography have a high amount of cost effectiveness. When they are professionally done, both of them have the ability to act as a powerful marketing tool that will continue to drive visitors to your website and your dispensary. Both videography and 360 photography have detailed descriptions in every scene or image. Their high-definition aspects really give you the ability to brand your business and make it stick with your customers.