The Importance of Cannabis Print Advertising within Your Marijuana Marketing Strategies 

Marijuana marketing strategies need to be strong enough to grab the attention of your target demographic. You have a number of ways of doing this. This means using digital advertising as well as print and even radio.

Showcasing Your Cannabis Products Through Print Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis marketing is all the rage. When your products contain THC, you want to show the variety you have as well as the benefits that they offer. In addition to directing people to a website, you can use print cannabis advertising. This includes catalogs to showcase your products as well as flyers that show off the newest product that you have to offer. If you have a product on sale, using a print flyer is a great way to attract attention.

Give People Something to Hold

We live in a world where everyone seems to hide behind their mobile devices. The effective cannabis marketing companies are also giving people something to hold. Cannabis advertising is the new frontier for advertising in general.

This is a great way to stand out because people get to hold something as opposed to simply reading it on their smart phone.The added benefit of giving someone something created by a cannabis branding agency is that they get to hold onto it. They can place it on their refrigerator or on their bulletin board as a constant reminder. This is something that simply can’t be done with emails and websites. Going print allows people to remember who you are and what you have to offer – and this is one of the key benefits to working with a marijuana branding agency. Your brand can be included within all print material.

This way, you stay on the forefront of your target demographics’ mind. Plus, when you combine marketing strategies, such
as an ad on the radio followed up by a postcard in the mail, people see your name in multiple ways. It helps with brand recognition.

Reach Other Audiences

When you are involved in medical marijuana marketing, you want to reach as many audiences as possible. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are generally going to reach the younger demographics. Some of the older demographics who are using medical marijuana aren’t on social media.

They don’t visit websites. This means that if you want to reach other audiences, you have to look at a different type of marijuana marketing. Print is a tried and true form of marketing that allows you to reach every demographic, including the older generations who might be more likely to use your products.


Branding cannabis is something that has to be done. How are you different? Once you can identify this, it’s easier to network. Print advertising allows you to network with the local businesses. You can supply them with business cards, flyers within their establishment, and reach the people who are walking into their business. After that, you can connect with them online as well. You can then promise to do the same to advertise their business within your dispensary.

Be Different

When you are marketing cannabis, you have to remember that you are one of many. This means you have to set yourself apart from all of the other dispensaries, local or online. How are you going to accomplish this?
Dispensary marketing online is tough. You’re targeting the same keywords as everyone else. If other dispensaries have larger marketing budgets, they are going to rank higher in the search engines, no matter what you do. This means you need to take a different approach – print advertising. More and more marijuana marketing companies are utilizing print as a way of standing out. Various marketing materials can be created, including:

  • Business cards
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Catalogs

These are all examples of print advertising – and it is something that you can use around town. It allows you to brand yourself, just as you would online. The only difference is that you can use the materials locally. This allows you to do something unique in comparison to some of the other dispensaries out there. While they are focusing on search engine optimization, you get to focus on getting your brand directly into the hands of your target demographic.

Add Print

Marketing marijuana doesn’t have to be a challenge. You simply have to learn about all of the different advertising methods. Online marketing and radio ads are all effective. However, you need to consider print as well. It allows people to hold your message in their hands. This also allows them to remember you because of being able to keep your info in front of them for longer. When you use print advertising in conjunction with other
forms of advertising, you gain more brand recognition, which in turn leads to more customers.