If you own a cannabis dispensary, at some point you’ll want to do some advertising and formulate a strategy. Place your brand in front of the eyes and ears of your consumers and build your cannabis marketing infrastructure. By building a website and digitally marketing your message to potential customers, you will satisfy the objective of them seeing you, but to get into their minds, you’ll want to tap into the benefits of radio advertising and formulate a plan of action with an expert marijuana advertising  agency. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Marijuana Ads Work 

Just a few years ago, you may have thought that you would never hear weed ads on the radio, but with changes in legislature and more individuals realizing the benefits of using cannabis as medicine, advertising marijuana on the radio has become an excellent way for you to engage with potential customers. Just about everyone listens to the radio. In fact, it’s one of the oldest mobile forms of communication and entertainment. You can reach your audience at work, while they are in the car, walking or riding a bike. A radio is a companion to most potential customers wherever they go.

2. Radio Advertising is Fast and Frequent For Cannabis

As someone who browses the web, you understand how quickly your mind can go from subject to subject when you’re flipping through multiple webpages. You may end up with five open tabs an hour later and wonder where the time was spent. Radio ads penetrate. Advertising marijuana can be done many times during the day using targeted demographics and a specific radio station. Studies have been done that indicate a consumer needs to hear a message about three times for it to really resonate. Radio is the secret weapon that provides that frequency as well as reach. Medical marijuana ads placed on the radio can inform consumers of your business and lead them to both your website and location where they can either gather more information or purchase your products.

3. Planting Awareness Seeds

Catching people during their busy lives is a challenge when you are advertising. Fortunately, the intrusive qualities of radio can help plant seeds of awareness in the minds of your customers. Sound can often be more memorable than just reading text. A marijuana broadcast can offer emotion and even encourage a person who is listening to check out your brand. Images of your product pop into the minds of your potential consumers when they hear medical marijuana ads put out by your business. A professional marijuana advertising agency can help you formulate the type of radio ad that sparks the imagination of your audience and leads them to investigate.

4. Cost Effective Benefits

Initiating a medical marijuana advertising campaign on the radio can be highly cost-effective. When you compare a radio ad against a billboard ad and factor in the cost, the frequency, targeting and reach that radio has, it far outweighs the cost for one billboard ad that may not even be seen by many individuals who would be interested in the marijuana that you sell. With the savings that you reap by utilizing radio, you can use it with more radio stations or a campaign on a marijuana ad network. Those savings and extra exposure is definitely something to think about in a society that is sometimes saturated by advertising. The more consumers hear about your brand, the more likely they are to check you out.

5. Customization and Flexibility

Radio ads are highly customize-able and can quickly be changed to meet the needs of different demographics and target audiences. How long would it take to change the words and message on a billboard? You can decide to use a broad range advertisement that can be consumed by a large demographic or ratchet down and create an ad for a specific customer. A professional cannabis advertising agency has a great amount of experience creating all types of marijuana ads that resonate with the public. They can help you create ads that target customers who want to walk through your door.