Listen to our Potcast!

Listen to our Potcast!

Listen to our Potcast!

Cannabis Marketing, Inc. is proud to announce our Podcast!

CMI’s “Potcast” is a fun and informative podcast for anyone in the cannabis space.  If you are interested in learning more about marketing your cannabis business, as well as updates in the industry, best practices, and just hanging out with a few of the coolest chicks around, we got you!  

We started our podcast because we realized that we can help many businesses nationwide who experience common cannabis marketing issues.  Our goal is to help our listeners learn about the things that will help them the most when it comes to marketing.  Cannabis Marketing, Inc.’s potcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in or currently involved in the cannabis industry.  Not only do we discuss cannabis and CBD marketing, but we also talk about trending topics in the cannabis industry.

Recent topics that have been featured on CMI’s podcast have covered a wide variety of topics, like how to advertise your cannabis business on the radio, how to get involved in your community, and whether or not you should write a blog.  We choose our topics based on our real-life successes with clients throughout the years.  Bethany, Lilee, and Morgana sit down twice a month to discuss trends and chat candidly about their own thoughts and professional experiences.  In 2020, we are planning to enhance our podcast by including more guest features from the people and cannabis brands that you want to hear from.  From cannabis industry experts, to cannabis and CBD companies that are making a positive impact, to your favorite cannabis personalities, we are looking for guests to be on our show!  If you are interested in being a guest on our podcast, or if there is a specific topic you’d love to have us cover, please email us at for consideration.  We are always looking for exciting brands to spotlight, and our goal is to make our podcast as informative and inclusive as we can.

We believe that knowledge is power.  We want to openly share our expertise about marketing in the cannabis space with others in the industry.  We all know that the cannabis Industry is incredibly unique, and marketing your dispensary, storefront, or brand requires a certain finesse.  With the cannabis industry growing rapidly, there is competition at every turn.  By implementing a marketing strategy that is as unique as our industry, you have the opportunity to stand out among the green masses.  This is a theme that presents itself in many of our podcast episodes.  Not only do you want to ensure that you are compliant when marketing in the cannabis space, you want to stand out and be different!  The marketing experts at Cannabis Marketing, Inc. have helped multiple brands stand out and claim their space in this multibillion-dollar industry.

We encourage everyone to take a listen to our podcast, with new episodes every two weeks!  If you are a marketer who is new to the cannabis space, we know you will find value in our “tell it like it is” philosophy.  If you have a marketing team in-house, your team will find value in our trending topics.  And as a business owner, we know that getting inside tips and free advice is invaluable.  That is where Cannabis Marketing, Inc.’s podcast can help you grow no matter what stage of the business you are in!  If you love what you hear and you find it to be valuable for your cannabis business, consider donating to support our podcast!  

The team at Cannabis Marketing, Inc. are experts in marketing for cannabis brands, cannabis storefronts, and CBD companies.  We would love to have you listen in to our potcast!  You can find us on your favorite podcast station:


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