E-Mail Marketing 

If you’ve ever talked to a business owner who uses email marketing to advertise their products, they will usually tell you one thing about this form of marketing — they wish that they had started building their email list much sooner. Email marketing provides many benefits ranging from having low overhead costs and building brand awareness to being personal, targeted and easily shareable. Here’s a full list of reasons why you should get started as soon as possible with your email marketing campaign.

Personal and Targeted

Most forms of marketing are impersonal and target a general audience. It’s difficult to speak directly and convey a specific message on a website, social media or through video. Email marketing changes that. Besides being able to personalize an email with the name of a user, you can send them through a marketing funnel based on their interaction with headlines, inner links or purchases. You have the ability to start your own little database that is based on the preferences of individual users — a very valuable asset to have. Let’s say that your database gives you information on customers who buy certain strains of marijuana and then pick it up at your dispensary. The next time that you have a shipment of that strain come in or decide to reduce the price on that product, you can email customers who have purchased that strain in the past and may have it on their list of favorites.


Once you capture the contact information of a customer, you can communicate with them more frequently through their email. This gives you the opportunity to describe new products that you have in your store, send them an offer or point them to a new video or article on your blog. The choices are unlimited. Of course, you do not want to abuse your list. They will appreciate valuable information when you treat them with respect.

Testing Messages

When you’re marketing, you always want to have the ability to test new messages or ways to sell even more of your product. Email marketing allows you to change many factors that influence a customer. Headlines, graphics, offers and the color scheme that you use will all create different reactions with your customer base. Making these changes is simple. You can try sending two different offers and see which one does the best or vary and measure click-through rates. Our expert marketing team has experience with all aspects of testing and can help you form a strategy of your own.

Easily Shareable

You will find that most forms of traditional or digital marketing are not as easy to share as email. It can easily be shared by simply clicking on the forward button in your email app and sending it on to a friend. Customers who are on your email marketing list are trusted by friends. These subscribers become advocates of your brand when they forward information relating to a new offer or sale that you are having at your store. This builds credibility for your brand and increases awareness.


Brand Awareness

Every time that you send a targeted email to one of the customers on your contact list, you are planting a seed and making them aware of your brand. By doing so, you have the ability to slowly gain trust and turn a potential customer into a loyal patron. With strategic copywriting, your emails have the ability to persuade and steer each customer into the role of being a loyal shopper. A major benefit of brand awareness is when customers think of your business first. This top of mind awareness gives you a great advantage in the marketplace when customers are trying to decide where to shop. If your brand pops into their mind first, your business is the one that sees the sale. Our email marketing team can help you craft a number of emails that will help make your brand number one in the minds of your customers.

Low Overhead Cost

Email marketing can be implemented into your overall marketing strategy at a low overhead cost. It doesn’t require you to do much except host your list on a service that handles email marketing and craft your emails so that they resonate with your target audience. There is probably no other market where you can spend so little compared to the returns that are possible through various funnels. With great copywriting and a strategic plan of action, you can be up and running fast.

Tracking Engagement and Sales

Being able to measure sales and user engagement is a crucial component to your success. With email marketing, you can measure various areas of engagement such as when someone clicks on a specific link in an email or the headline of a message you sent that pops up in their email app. With this data, you can start to measure the tendencies of your customers and market to their preferences.