Cannabis Marketing on Facebook 

There are close to 2 billion Facebook users, making this social media giant the most obvious go-to for brand and dispensary exposure. Facebook is free, it’s universally used, and reaches nearly every demographic in one capacity or another.

While Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for most brands, the guidelines become a little more grey as we move into cannabis marketing territory. Facebook, like other social media channels, has what they call Community Standards and Policies, which can make building your profile and advertising your cannabis product a bit more challenging.

Dispensaries and cannabis-related Facebook pages can get shut down completely for advertising a product that may be legal in your area, but is considered to be against Facebook guidelines. This effectively cuts you off from potential and current clients, and when you’ve worked hard to grow and maintain a following, can be potentially detrimental to your business.

The great news is, we understand Facebook’s Standards and Policies. This means, we can help you build your cannabis brand on a social media channel like Facebook, without the uncertainty of getting your page shut down to your fans and customers. We help you to create an engaging, compliant Facebook presence to grow your following, and run ads that represent your business with nominal risk. Make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste!


Cannabis Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most visual-centric social media channels, boasting over 400 million daily active users. Utilizing this app, which is now owned by social media giant Facebook, is only going to become more necessary as time goes on. Instagram is a fantastic way to reach a younger demographic of eager information seekers, and creates a gateway to build a legion of loyal brand ambassadors.

By utilizing our services to build and maintain your Instagram channel, you have the ability to focus on building your cannabis business. Cannabis social media marketing is more than simply posting pictures of your amazing product; you are creating an avenue that your fans and customers can connect with you as a person, and get to know your brand values and mission. We help you to post content that your fans want to share to help build your fan base and create a loyal following.

Instagram has Community Guidelines in place that help foster a safe, positive environment for all users. When posting about cannabis, there may be instances where your legal representation of your product may go against these guidelines. Working with a cannabis social media expert ensures that your posts are compliant, and that when you run ads, they do not pose the risk of shutting down your Instagram account. Your fans deserve to hear about your fantastic product, and we can help you navigate the gray areas of Instagram for your continued success.

Cannabis Marketing on MassRoots

MassRoots, a social platform for marijuana, was born out of a need for the cannabis community to be able to communicate about their passion for cannabis without the potential repercussions found on larger social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The founders wanted to build a safe community where cannabis lovers could interact, and with over 900,000 users, it’s working.

MassRoots works much like Instagram, and helps you connect with fans in your area. The community is built of a mix of cannabis lovers, growers, and dispensary owners, and provides a semi-private outlet to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts. Since Facebook is accessed by nearly everyone (including our sweet grandmas), MassRoots also provides the anonymity that other social media channels can’t; for those who may not want to post pictures of cannabis on their Facebook page, now there is a great alternative.

The introduction of MassRoots for Business helps you to expand your reach even farther to get in touch with clients and fans. You can sponsor ads, much like Facebook, but without the risk of getting your account shut down. As a member of MassRoots, we use the app and can help you get in touch with new clients while fostering relationships with current fans.

Cannabis Marketing on YouTube

We live in a hyper-visual world, where pictures and videos reign king. YouTube is by far the largest video community, and gives you a spectacular avenue to get in front of your fans and customers. With almost 5 billion videos uploaded daily, YouTube is only growing, and their Community Guidelines allow cannabis-related content as long as it isn’t harmful. This is great news for your dispensary!

People crave human interaction when it comes to the brands they love, and putting your company in front of your customers on a regular basis only builds loyalty and trust. Not everyone who visits your store is a cannabis expert, and your fans probably want to learn about how to use your products effectively and safely while having fun!YouTube gives you that interaction that you may not have time for in the store, and ensures a more quality experience for your valuable customers.

Some age-restricted content is not allowed to be advertised on YouTube, and repeated violations can cause your account to be suspended. Working with our cannabis social media experts ensures you stay in front of your clients to build a loyal following for your brand.