The Mobile Revolution is here! Are you taking advantage of it?

Modern society has developed an addiction to our mobile devices, and smartphone technology has created a game-changer in the world of effective marketing.  Businesses large and small have begun the transition to communicating to their customers via SMS Text Messaging, mobile optimized websites, mobile applications and more.

Thankfully, introducing the mobile channel into your marketing toolbox is easier than ever! With the Surge Mobile Technologies managed SMS platform, your business can be leveraging the Mobile Revolution overnight!

The SMS Text Platform

The ability to reach your customers on their mobile devices via text message is a powerful concept. Text messages are almost always seen instantaneously and elicit an immediate response unlike any other marketing medium. The Surge Mobile SMS Text Messaging platform is one of the most comprehensive and powerful SMS dashboards available today. We offer over 20 tools that allow our partners the ability to send real-time mobile coupons, reminders, information and more.

Our mobile marketing software is an easy to use, web-based platform that allows all sizes of enterprise to create and manage captivating and interactive mobile campaigns. Our cutting-edge software enables our partners to leverage a wide range of SMS tool-sets designed to maximize Return-on-Investment by complimenting a company’s overall marketing strategy.

By implementing the Surge Mobile platform, we can help push loyal customers into your business on slow days, create instant demand for slow-moving or expiring products, and give you a real-time tool to create customer actions when your business needs a boost. With over 98% read-rates and up to 20% redemption’s on mobile coupons, text messaging with Surge Mobile will soon become one of your favorite channels!


The Surge Mobile Text Marketing dashboard offers up to 20 different tools to engage and create action with your customers. Creating engaging and powerful mobile promotions is a snap with our platform! Just a few of our tools include:

  • Mobile Coupons
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Mobile Landing Page Builder
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Polls and Questionnaires
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • …and so much more!


Managed Services

We understand that as a small business owner you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your company. Your plate is full and you may feel that learning a new software platform for sending text message promotions is just too much. Plus, keeping up to date on local and state regulations in marketing cannabis related products is a chore in itself!

Let’s not worry about these concerns! Surge Mobile offers Managed Mobile Campaigns as the cornerstone of our services. There is no need for you to learn our platform…we know it already! You just let us know what promotions and info you want to send to your customers and we will take it from there. We even help train your staff on the SMS program you will be running!