Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component to your marketing strategy. Literally over 2.3 million searches are conducted online every second of every day and the first page accounts for roughly 84% of all clicks on the first search results page.

You have many options when it comes to hiring an SEO team but because there is no proprietary solution for getting top search engine results, and because the team you select will be the determining factor in what you’re “return on investment” (ROI) is from search results optimization, it’s imperative you work with experts! Every website has a unique set of variables that account for their current placement and when you decide to hire someone to improve your search placement it is important that the team your working with, can quickly assess your current situation, compare it to higher ranking competitors and formulate a solution that will get search results the quickest so you can realize sales, clients, or whatever your goals are throughout the process of getting you above your competitors in search results.

As important as the selection of an expert team is the reality that digital marketing and SEO for the cannabis industry has its own set of nuances that require an experienced team in that particular market. The Cannabis Marketing Inc. SEO team has worked with a number of high profile cannabis market clients including nationally recognized celebrities in that industry. We understand how to strategize and implement a program that makes sure the least amount of SEO time each month is providing the highest yields in search traffic to your website and ultimately to increased sales and customers.

About the Cannabis Marketing Inc. SEO Experts

CMI’s SEO team is a Google Certified Partner, Google Trusted Local Business Verifier, has team members who are award winners of multiple National SEO Awards and is comprised of top SEO experts from around the country.  Collectively they have over 97 years of digital marketing, and SEO experience. They have attended some of the finest schools in the country including MIT, Stanford, Purdue, and UCCS, and have varying degree’s including multiple marketing degrees, digital marketing degree’s, and more. They have varying areas of specialty including national organic search, local geo search, mobile search placement, manufacturer website expertise, large and small E-Commerce website placement, the Cannabis industry citation building, brand and non brand placement and of course top SEO placement for the cannabis market.

Collectively our SEO team has 59 trade certifications including Google, digital marketing and related certifications including Google Analytics, Google Partner Specialist Challenge, Google Display Advertising, Google Mobile Advertising, Google Search Advertising, Google Shopping Advertising, Google Video Advertising, Yext Certified Professional, Tackling the Challenges of Big Data (MIT) Technology Entrepreneurship, HTML5 with Java Script & CSS3 Specialist, Advanced Social Media, and Hubspot Inbound Certification.

As a group the team brings an amazing amount of business knowledge to their client base having owned 11 companies and partnered in an additional 4 including profitable sales of some of those companies equaling over seven figures collectively. Press on the team includes a 6 page article in Entrpuneur magazine, N.Y Times, L.A. Times, Mobile Marketing Association Newsletter, Colorado Biz Magazine, and more.

Because they have expertise in SEO and experience placing cannabis industry clients they can quickly assess a winning SEO strategy for your cannabis product or service. Call or fill out the contact form to request your proposal today.