Marketing your cannabis product or dispensary is no easy feat.  As you’re trying to build your cannabis business, budget is likely your top concern, and there are seemingly endless tactics to market effectively.  Every new cannabis marketing company that springs up in the hopes of gaining your business promises the world, and what they don’t know about this complicated and fascinating industry can end up hurting you and wasting valuable budget. 

With over 500 recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado alone, and over one thousand in the United States, how can you possibly compete when everyone is selling essentially the same product?

The answer lies not only in working with a cannabis marketing agency who knows the ins and outs of this industry, but in employing the strongest tactics for your market.  The best thing you can do for your cannabis brand or storefront is to constantly think outside the box, and adopt new strategies when they make sense.

Cannabis Marketing, Inc. is excited about one of our newest offerings: the Catch ‘Em All campaign.

What is Catch ‘Em All?

The Catch ‘Em All campaign works a lot like geofencing, which you may be familiar with.  With geofencing, you’re able to section off an area, let’s say, your storefront or your local area, and when people enter that section, you can serve them ads via their mobile device.  You may have noticed this as you browse on your own mobile device: after you leave a store, have you ever noticed that their ads all of a sudden start popping up on your feed?  This is geofencing.

CMI’s Catch ‘Em All campaign takes geofencing to another level.  You still have the opportunity to section off areas that you’d like to target; but instead of simply serving ads to the customers who enter your “fence”, you’re able to access their contact information via your personal business dashboard.  This is what makes this one-of-a-kind campaign so appealing to cannabis brands and storefronts!  Instead of serving ads to customers and hoping they will engage with your call-to-action, we can collect their information and contact them directly!  This means you’re able to grow your email list, grow your text blasts, and DIRECTLY ADVERTISE with customers who are visiting your competitors.  The Catch ‘Em All campaign allows you to gain the higher ground on ALL of your competition, simply by geofencing around their area.

Why Don’t Customers Have to Opt In?

One of the best things about CMI’s Catch ‘Em All campaign is that you don’t have to ask potential customers to opt in.  When consumers download apps on their cell phones, they are “opting in” to notifications, alerts, and location services.  This is why we are able to market to them directly after they enter our geofenced area.

Can I Use Catch ‘Em All on My Website?

YES!  CMI’s Catch ‘Em All campaign can also be used to track and advertise to your website visitors.  This is a second layer of outreach because if someone finds your listing on a cannabis directory, like Weedmaps, Leafly, or Potguide, you will be able to collect their information and market to those consumers directly.

Can I Use Catch ‘Em All for MMJ?

Because of HIPAA laws, we are unable to utilize the Catch ‘Em All campaign to target your medical dispensary or your competitor’s locations.  However, if you were to geofence around a festival or concert that contained your ideal demographic, you could market to those consumers regardless of whether they had visited your dispensary or website.

When Can I Start?!?

CMI’s Catch ‘Em All campaign is one of our most exciting and lucrative services to date.  Because the potential for dominating the market is so high with this type of marketing strategy, we are only accepting the first few in each market to implement.  For your free consultation and comprehensive marketing strategy, give us a call at 719-219-3575.