Matching Cannabis Businesses With Charities

Matching Cannabis Businesses With Charities

Matching Cannabis Businesses With Charities

It is no secret legal cannabis companies in state and local governments are continuously paying substantial taxes to the Federal Government.  The government uses this money for public needs such as schools, roads, hospitals, etc.    In Colorado alone, the Department of Revenue reports medical and retail marijuana tax and fee collections amounting to $226,157,028 from January to November of 2017.  The numbers have continued to grow year after year and will continue doing so as marijuana continues to gain acceptance as a legitimate and essential medicine.  So why won’t government funded charities take contributions from legal cannabis companies?

Making It Easier To Donate To A Good Causedispensary marketingAs cannabis businesses continue to expand, so does the desire for philanthropy.  Whether it’s large donations to local schools or re-building struggling hospitals, giving back to those in need feels good and cannabis companies want on that train.  As an expanding cannabis business, partnering with charities not only feels awesome, but is commonly seen as the next logical step in the growing process (no pun intended).  Ever since dispensaries began opening decades ago, they have been working hard to find unique and innovative ways to give back to those less fortunate in their communities.

Unfortunately, giving to charity has proven to be more difficult for our clients than expected.  As reported by Forbes, many charities simply aren’t willing to accept donations from legal cannabis companies.  Period.  In some cases, charities might be willing to consider monetary donations from cannabis companies, but only if the benefactor remains a secret.

Throughout the years, the cannabis industry has been anonymously contributing millions to their local and state charities, proving that it’s not all about the marketing and press.  Cannabis companies are just honest businesses trying to help those less fortunate.  There are numerous stories of large cannabis companies publicly attempting donations to large charities like children’s hospitals and veteran’s services.  These well-known non-profits are always willing to take the donations either through a company affiliate, or completely anonymously.  In many cases, the donations are completely rebuffed if contributed directly.  There is no way to determine the actual amount donated to charity since cannabis was legalized years ago.

Why Don’t Charities Like To Accept Donations From Cannabis?

Most charities have been dissuaded from accepting cannabis donations because of regulatory issues.  For example, Colorado Children’s Hospital states that because banks will not handle cannabis money, they are unable to accept cannabis donations.  Others claim their views do not align with those of the cannabis industry.  There is a well-known story in Calaveras County, California where the local Cannabis Alliance attempted to donate money to a depleting community school.  The prohibition-minded city council members quickly rejected the donation without discussion despite their town’s dwindling economy and poor budgeting.

Even though the rejection of charitable donations is disheartening, we are happy to report light at the end of the tunnel.  As the cannabis community continues to grow, so does public awareness and acceptance.  In San Francisco and other progressive cities, many government-funded non-profits will happily take legal cannabis donations despite the “risk” of losing their government aid.  In Denver, there are several charities eager to accept public donations for veterans, local homeless, public event spaces as well as retail outlets and parks.  So far, it has been fantastic to watch the success of these charities and to see change.  We can only expect our cities to continuously flourish because of the cannabis market.

Cannabis Donation Solutions

Is your business ready to make donations?  At Cannabis Marketing Inc., we know the ins and outs of cannabis philanthropy.  We are eager to help your cannabis company help the less fortunate of the world and we will not let the word “no” stand in the way when it comes to charity.   Call us today to find out how we can connect your cannabis brand with successful charities nationwide to make real change in your community.


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