3 Ways to Build Your Social Media Presence

3 Ways to Build Your Social Media Presence

3 Ways to Build Your Social Media Presence

Using social media for your business is completely different than using social media for your personal life, which is why it becomes so important to treat social media as a marketing tool.  There are proven ways to create a strong, cohesive presence on social media for your dispensary or cannabis product.  Here are just a few ways you can build your brand and create a loyal following…

Find Organic Followers

Finding organic followers is still possible, even with Facebook Ads abound.

  • Look to your community events, national cannabis events that are trending, and friend’s posts that support your values and mission statement.
  • Run a contest with a giveaway.
  • Use beautiful imagery on every post.
  • Create 30-second videos to increase engagement.
  • Utilize Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories for short videos to connect with your audience.
  • Use “Call to Action” pieces to engage your audience.  Start a dialogue by asking a question, asking for a share, or asking folks to join a debate.
  • Invite your Facebook friends and contacts to like your business page.

Engage Your Audience

Social media is supposed to be just that: social.  I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around, and while you are hunting for likes and engagement on your page, it’s important to also give.  Spend a few minutes a day browsing through each social media channel to interact with the virtual world around you.

  • Find businesses that you currently support.  Like their pages as yourself, and like their pages as your business.
  • Browse through trending topics on Facebook and Twitter.  Join in the conversation on someone else’s page, and share the topic on your own pages.
  • Share another page’s content if it relates to your values and it relates to your followers.  Not every post has to relate directly to your business.  Instead, appeal to your followers by posting content that you and they care about.
  • Scroll through your Instagram feed.  Like and comment on posts that you love.
  • The MassRoots community is incredible responsive.  Post and comment to get to know your followers.
  • Follow back your Twitter followers.  Thank new followers for checking out your page, and remind them where else they can find you.
  • Expand your pages to be more than just ads.  Social media provides a valuable opportunity to communicate with your clients and engage with the cannabis community.

Be a Real Human

  • Content is King.  Post stunning imagery and information that make your fans want to keep coming back to your page.
  • Consistency Creates Fans.  Create a schedule for each channel and stick to it!
  • Engage with Your Audience.  People do business with those they know, like, and trust.  Get to know your audience, and allow them to get to know you.  Support other businesses and share the pages that you love.
  • Stay True to Your Mission.  Create and share posts that reflect your true colors as a business and as a person.  This takes the guesswork out of content creation and what is appropriate to share.
  • Become the Expert.  Social media as a whole is designed to first connect with your fans, and second establish yourself as the expert in your field.  When people think of the best dispensary in town, will they think of you first?

These 3 proven strategies will help you to begin to create a true connection with your customers.  The marketing team at CMI is here for you to help your cannabis business achieve its social media goals.  Grow with us!

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